Half Block Registrations are still available.

Winter Break is a time away from class deadlines, extracurriculars, and other time commitments. It’s a perfect time to think a few steps ahead and prepare for summer internships and post-graduation opportunities. And it’s a perfect time to learn a new skill or discover an industry that interests you.

Have you looked at the non-credit Half Block courses offered this year? Remember that you can sign up for courses in less than five minutes using Summit: Student Life.

Something for everyone

Want to learn about a professional industry like investing, law, or advertising?
Learn the insider knowledge of a new industry.

Want to become a more skilled and successful writer?
Learn to become a freelance writer or journalist, or begin to market your finished products.

Want to prepare for graduate school?
Enroll in a GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT Test Prep course.

Don’t let these opportunities pass by, Register now! The last day to register for classes will be Friday, December 11 (the last Friday before the end of Block 4) at 9 am. If you have questions about enrollment and course availability, please contact the Career Center.

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