Helping to Launch to the Moon, Meet Dawn Massop Love who Combines Soft & Technical Skills in STEM

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Meet Dawn Massop Love – Combining Soft & Technical Skills in STEM

As part of STEM month, we would like to introduce and share some words and encouragement from Dawn Massop Love, the Director of Strategic Communications at Advanced Space. Advanced Space exists to support the sustainable exploration, development, and settlement of space, and is launching a spacecraft to orbit the Moon this year! Her dream is to be an inspiring storyteller through the space industry, mixing the arts with STEM. It is through the vision of Advanced Space that she hopes to engage in the community as an agent of change in pursuit of sustainable exploration, development and settlement of space. She is a woman who has been loved and supported well by family, something that has shaped her into who she is today.

Dawn Massop Love, what is your personal narrative?

I strive to make people smile. I am Jamaican woman who embodies both the cultures of her past and present countries – inviting and fun with a demeanor of strength and pride. As a creative leader, I utilize thirty plus years of experience to cultivate and foster relationships for the benefit, growth and success of my colleagues, friends and family. My energy derives from helping others.

Family is incredibly important to me, and I am blessed to be a mother of two amazing children. I am the wife of a loving and supportive husband who constantly teaches me and uplifts me. Nothing will stand in my way to achieve the ultimate success in everything I do.

What key moments in your life led you to where you are?

My parents and family structure are the influence and drive to achieve excellence in all my endeavors. Growing up in a country where education was paramount, it provided a strong base for progress. I never had a feeling like there was nothing I could not achieve. One key moment of success was being elected as the first Black Tri-Executive, student body leader, at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Such an achievement exposed me to the various academic pathways and importance of communications in society.

What strengths does your diverse perspective bring to the STEM field?

Living in and traveling to different countries and environments has strongly influenced my thoughts and ability to listen. This has helped me learn how to disseminate different views and to problem solve with compassion and empathy. My diverse perspective often brings an element of depth to conversations to recognize and address exclusionary content, language, access, and assumed intent.

The role of Communications encompasses the ability to listen, observe and respond in a clear and insightful way to bring the elements of STEM objectives to life. This combination of soft skills that are primary in the communications field with typical technical/hard skill of the STEM field is necessary to further the development and creative process.

How can we continue to support women in STEM?

  • Showcase successful women in the field
  • Introduce the excitement of STEM in early education
  • Increase exposure through mentorship, apprenticeships, site visits, and conferences
  • Increase scholarships and funding for postgraduate work so mothers are not excluded from continuing their education

What advice would you give to future Inclusive Inspirational Leaders?

Think beyond yourself and circumstance. It takes cooperation and partnerships to build bridges, influence the future, and result in a catalyst for change.

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