#HIRED Julia Shepard ’20

After wrapping up her first year at CC, Julia is headed to St. Paul, MN to be a GIS intern at the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.

I’m extremely excited about my summer internship because I’ll be working with an organization that is widely regarded as the most innovative and effective environmental organization in Minnesota. I will be collaborating with professional scientific, legal and political staff who have strong expertise in issues I care deeply about such as clean water, natural resources conservation, clean energy and mining. I’m eager to learn more about these issues and further understand what role I wish to play in advocating for these issues (scientific, legal or political). I’m excited to see how this experience will influence the discipline(s) I study at Colorado College, expand my knowledge of some of today’s most pressing issues and compel me to protect the lands of my home state that I care so greatly about.

My advice to students still looking for a job/internship is to think seriously about what type of work they’d like to be doing, what they’d like to learn, and where they’d like to spend their summer. From there, I highly encourage students to fully utilize the amazing resources available at the Career Center. I’m extremely grateful for the help I received at the Career Center and know that my experience this summer would hardly be possible without it!”

Congratulations, Julia!

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