#HIRED Naomi Randell ’18

Naomi is staying in Colorado Springs for the summer to work as a Case Management Intern at Lutheran Family Services of the Rocky Mountains.

I’ve now lived in Colorado Springs for three years, and I always love the opportunity to work within the community and meet the unique people that are here. I also excited to work with refugees, to make them feel welcomed, and help them find their place here in Colorado Springs. I think this is especially important in this day and age, when xenophobia and hatred against refugees is so high. I want to be able to show refugees that they aren’t hated or feared by everyone here. 

My advice for CC students looking for internships is to start local. I don’t think you have to necessarily travel around the world to find an interesting internship. I would also say, do something that sounds fun. I think a lot of people get so caught up in “resume builders,” that they end up spending their summers doing things they can’t stand. “

Congrats, Naomi!

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