Hiring: Bridge Scholars Program Peer Mentor

Check out the full Handshake posting: #4553610

Bridge Scholars Program Peer mentors provide peer mentoring, program planning and support for the two-week summer intensive BSP in August prior to NSO. During the academic year, peer mentors are responsible for periodic check-ins with first-year BSP students, organize informal gatherings, and each mentor will collaboratively plan and run one to two major BSP events/activities.

Check out the posting for full details on responsibilities for Spring 2021, Summer, and throughout the 2021-22 academic year. Highlights: must enroll in Block 7 adjunct, arrive on campus by 8/8/21 and stay for the duration of the summer intensive, must be on campus and available to first-year BSP students 5 blocks out of the 8 blocks, must be on campus for block 1.

·        Ability to communicate effectively and proactively with 1st year BSP students to develop relationships with students individually and as a community. 
·        Understanding and a willingness to learn and embrace diversity, the ability to think critically. 
·        Good judgment and a positive attitude for problem-solving and conflict management. 
·        Good disciplinary and academic standing at CC. 
·        See description for full list 

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