Hiring for CC Video Intern

#4227017 Video Intern at CC Student Employment

Purpose of position: Video interns collaborate with the video producer to create strategic, engaging, and professional video content for promotional and internal use. Video interns play a valued and vital role on our Colorado College Video Team.


  • Strong storytelling skills — identifies strong stories/subjects and presents them in emotionally compelling ways.
  • Creative visual communication skills — communicates messaging in original ways, utilizing appropriate shot sizes, lenses, angles, etc.
  • Responsibility — MUST show up to meetings/shoots on time with materials and equipment ready; must meet agreed-upon deadlines and communicate with supervisor in a timely manner.
  • Previous camera experience required. Basic knowledge of lenses, cinematography principles, and appropriate camera setups (based on location) necessary.
  • Strong eye for detail — knows how to select best shots and pace video appropriately. Incorporates on-brand graphics and style guides for brand consistency.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro. Experience with After Effects, Audition, and/or DaVinci Resolve a plus.

Essential Duties:

  • Edit video content using Adobe Premiere Pro. This includes arranging interviews and B-roll, color correction and grading, mixing sound, and selecting appropriate music.
  • Assist during shoots, including operating cameras (Sony a7 IIIs and Canon C100 Mark IIs), operating sound/lighting equipment, and shooting B-roll.
  • Occasionally conduct interviews or shoot B-roll independently.
  • Assist in pre-production, including storyboarding, creating shot lists, organizing equipment, and contacting/scheduling interview subjects.
  • Communicate progress updates on assigned video projects with clients, stakeholders, and supervisor via Basecamp (Office of Communications project management and team communication software). Respond to feedback in a timely manner, always displaying professionalism and respect.
  • Appropriately package videos, including exporting and uploading, editing subtitles, and collaborating with graphic designer on thumbnails.

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