How to Network Internally and Why It’s Important

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by Victorio Duran III | July 06, 2021

When you think of networking, you might envision a room full of people who don’t know each other, making small talk, sipping cocktails, exchanging business cards, hoping to eventually making long-lasting connections. But networking can be much more than that. While networking can occur externally (connecting with people outside your company), it can also take place internally (with those inside your company). In both cases, your goal is to make strong connections with people who’d be happy to chat with you and help you.

As for internal networking, it can occur with colleagues you work with on a daily basis, or those you rarely to never work with. You might only see someone once a week, month, or year, but it’s still important to have some type of relationship with them. In fact, it’s important to have some type of a relationship with as many people inside your organization as possible.

Below, you’ll find the main reasons why internal networking is so important, followed by  specific tips for successful internal networking. Note that this is not a sales playbook but a guide to forging meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.

Why should you network internally?

There are many reasons to build an internal network. You may have heard the phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In your company, this means strong relationships with your colleagues can improve your day-to-day work life, as well as your overall career trajectory. Here are three specific ways it can help:


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