It’s Internship Season: Top Internship Fields (and the Skills You Need) from NYT

Top 20 Fields for Internships: Get Your Skills On
Article from The New York Times.

“This is high season for securing a summer internship, an essential talent pipeline for employers and steppingstone for students. Postings peak in March, with 30,443 advertised positions in March 2016 (if you don’t have anything by May, you’re probably out of luck). But before sending that résumé, take a good hard look at what’s on it.

‘Employers are being a lot more specific about the skills they expect from interns,’ says Scott Bittle, a spokesman at Burning Glass Technologies, a research company that visits more than 40,000 websites a day to collect employer postings for internships. For example, students are expected to show up versed in particular software. But the top crossover skill: project management, which requires people skills.”

Read on to learn more about the skills you need to secure an internship in the top 20 fields – business operations, marketing, engineering, sales, and more!

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