Mock Trial Update

The Colorado College mock trial team has had an extremely solid start of 2021. Since December, both the A and B team have changed their case theories significantly and tweaked our technical skills through anticipating, making and arguing uncommon objections, planning for cross examinations during the direct, and learning to better integrate our themes into directs, crosses, and the opening and closing statements. The A team even watched old competition footage to practice arguing objections that they would have made during the trial.

The A and B teams scrimmaged against each other during our first week back from break to make sure we all got readjusted quickly. Following the scrimmage, both teams have competed in tournaments for the past two weekends. The B team performed well during both the Scarlett and Cream and Wolverine tournaments with one member getting her first witness award at the former. The A team also gave outstanding performances during the Scarlett and Cream tournament, finishing fifth overall. The next weekend, they finished sixth out of thirty-four teams in UCLAssic  with one member getting his first attorney award of the season. Both look forward to continuing to improve our technique as well as bonding with each other in the coming weeks. Some general things that both teams will work on are time management in directs and crosses, witness control on crosses, finding other ways to get evidence in with sustained objections, and further developing witnesses’ characters and the useful information that they bring.

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