Program Manager Position

Inside Out Youth Services (IOYS) is the primary LGBTQ+ nonprof it community serving LGBTQ+ youth (ages 13-24) in El Paso County. We provide a safe space for gender and sexuality diverse youth and young adults to grow their identities, learn leadership skills and develop the tools needed to both thrive personally and to act as agents of change in their communities. We also provide outreach education throughout the region to create a supportive climate for LGBTQ+ youth.

IOYS accomplishes these goals through our weekly programming, targeted leadership development opportunities, community partnerships, and through educational outreach to local school systems, healthcare agencies, and other groups providing education and care to LGBTQ+ youth and young adults.

The Youth Specialist builds relationships with youth (ages 13-18) and creates a safe/brave space. The Youth Specialist is a part of the Program Team which is responsible for the development, delivery, and assessment of LGBTQ+ youth/young adult support group curriculum, life skills development, leadership programs, and any special programs such as Queer Prom. This position will be responsible for implementing a dating violence prevention program and upstream suicide prevention program. They will work closely with youth who may be in crisis or in need and will
refer them to agencies dealing with homelessness and mental health support.

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