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The Regional Program Manager/Recruitment Associate (RPM) splits time evenly between program implementation and recruitment efforts. As Program Manager, the RPM drives business operations, support networks, finances and resources, housing security, placement relationships, volunteer program implementation, problem identification and resolution, and all other activities for the region assigned. As Recruitment Associate, the RPM takes primary responsibility for executing the recruitment plan, and informs the strategy and development of it in consultation with LVC leadership. The RPM routinely meets and maintains long term relationships in support of the volunteer experience; schedules meetings and visits with volunteers as part of defined programming; and acts to resolve negative issues. The RPM provides counsel, coaching, soft skills and technical training for support personnel and volunteers. The RPM ensures adherence to policies and procedures for the safety, enjoyment, and risk management of the program. Initiating and stewarding relationships is critical with local non-profits, prospective and existing placements, local congregations, alumni and LVC communities, and community resources; as is cultivating and sustaining funding opportunities and potential donor relationships. RPMs manage day-to-day operations and report frequently on progress, opportunities, challenges, and risks to the Program Director and LVC leadership. The RPM projects a positive and inspirational leadership presence, and conveys the national perspective, aspirations, and priorities of LVC in word and deed.


The Lutheran Volunteer Corps is a community of faith uniting people to work for peace with justice. LVC places recent college graduates (“volunteers”) in full-time service positions at social-justice organizations for one or two years. Volunteers are encouraged to explore LVC’s core principles: living simply and sustainably in intentional community while serving the cause of peace with justice. LVC places a particular emphasis on racism, oppression, and privilege and how these contribute to ongoing injustice in our society. It also explores the role that spirituality plays in inspiring and sustaining leadership in the quest for peace with justice. LVC is on a Journey to an Inclusive Community, welcoming and encouraging the participation of people of color in all aspects of LVC. LVC is also a Reconciling in Christ organization, welcoming and encouraging the participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in all aspects of LVC.

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