Screening and discussion: “Survivors” (2018) – Tonight 8/29 6:30pm


Wednesday, Aug. 29, 6:30 p.m. Cornerstone Screening Room.

Screening and discussion: “Survivors” (2018)

Arthur Pratt and Lansana Mansaray are Sierra Leonean filmmakers based in Freetown. “Survivors” presents an emotional portrait of Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, exposing the complexity of the epidemic and the socio-political turmoil that lies in its wake. Pratt’s unique access, narrative voice, and observational documentary coverage of the outbreak becomes a prism for comprehending both the political and personal significance of the health catastrophe, revealing deep misunderstandings between international aid organizations and the communities they serve, as well as unresolved political tensions after the decade-long civil war. “Survivors” will premiere on the prestigious PBS series “POV” September 24, 2018.

***There will also be a discussion and buffet lunch (first come first served for the food), with Arthur for students and interested faculty on Thursday at 12:15 pm, Cornerstone Studio C.**

Sponsored by the Visiting Series on Film & Culture, Film and Media Studies and Political Science Departments

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