Sovereignty Tour: Tribal Nations & Government Half Block

Sovereignty Tour: Exploring Professional Development and Cultural Life within Tribal Nations Half Block

What’s this class about?

Most students have little exposure to the organization of tribal governments in the United States and the jobs these sovereign nations do for their citizens and other indigenous people who live within their political jurisdiction.

This course will provide students with an off-campus opportunity in Tulsa, Okmulgee, and Eufaula, Oklahoma to learn and interact with leaders, programs, citizens, and culture of a specific federally recognized tribal nation. We will visit different economic, social, and cultural sites within the nation for a comprehensive look at the vastness of tribal government and explore professional opportunities for working within a tribe. We will also participate in cultural activities and volunteer opportunities.

What are the times and dates?

Nine days of Half Block: January 7-15, with class largely located off-campus in Oklahoma.

Who should sign up for this course?

Anyone who wants to learn more about the complex web of tribal government and political jurisdiction within a sovereign nation, who wants to learn more about tribal nations in general, or who wants to pursue a career working within a tribe.

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