Student Videographer Needed

Naomi Wood, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, is looking for a student Videographer who could document her Mobile Arts Project. She needs someone who could start ASAP. This will be a work-study paid position, and she’s looking for someone who could commit regularly, as this is NOT a one-time event. Anyone interested can reach out to either Arom ( or to Naomi (

Mobile Arts is a robust program that seeks to provide recurring and diverse high quality multi-disciplinary arts experiences at no cost to the public.

It centers around a dynamic, 2021 Ford E-350 Cutaway truck built-out with performance, art, recording, etc. equipment and accompanying trailers that will support activities with high quality sound, lighting, and projection equipment, adaptable storage/seating, and a range of arts supplies.

The programs, events and performances the truck will bring to the community will increase Colorado Springs’ access to visual, audio, and performing arts.

Activities will include dynamic pop-up dance classes and performances, site-specific short plays, film-screenings, mobile printing press, interactive galleries and a variety of arts workshops. The Mobile Arts truck will emphasize adaptability, collaboration and outreach, transgressing the boundaries of inaccessible or limited institutional spaces and virtual events. Community members can share ideas for programming of interest, local artists can book the truck for shows and workshops, local institutions can request visits from the truck to their sites. The Mobile Arts project prioritizes local artists, provides accessible community programming, and helps bridge the CC campus and other Colorado Springs’ activities.

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