Summer and Fall employment opportunities with Adventure Treks

Being an outdoor instructor at Adventure Treks is an incredible opportunity – seeing students immersed in nature, fostering a community, and building their confidence and leadership on the trail! Instructors know the demands of operating on the sun’s clock and sleeping in a tent for weeks at a time with peers and students that rely on them. In the highs and lows of a trip, they’re always engaged, bringing fun to any situation, staying motivated, and working hard. Instructors are in charge of safety, satisfaction, and success. It’s not always easy, but it’s so rewarding!

Our commitment to providing fun, growth-oriented, and community-minded experiences for our students allowed us to safely and successfully operate our 2020 summer season, create new gap semester programs, provide fulfilling jobs, and avoid large staff layoffs.

Adventure Treks operates 13- to 30-day wilderness-based programs for teenagers in British Columbia, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, and North Carolina. Instructors lead activities like
backpacking, rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, whitewater and sea kayaking, and whitewater rafting. On each adventure, the five- to six-person instructor team works together to coordinate all aspects of the trip like managing group dynamics, teaching
outdoor skills, maintaining equipment, and handling medical issues.

Dates of Employment:
Summer: June 9th – August 15th ;
Fall Gap Program: August 24th – November 24th; Fall School Groups:
August 28th- beginning of October

Instructor Compensation and Requirements: We’re pleased to offer an increase in salary this year for all of our instructors. The competitive salary for first-year instructors for the summer season is $3,100. Adventure Treks also offers travel reimbursement up to $500 to help instructors travel to and
from staff orientation. Returning instructors receive reimbursement for Wilderness First Responder recertification and application to a professional development scholarship. Instructors also have an opportunity to work both Adventure Treks spring, summer, fall programs, and gap semesters with a focus on career growth and professional development through the leadership progression of instructor, trip leader, regional director, and gap semester faculty. Instructors must be 21, have a WFR before the
start of the season, and have experience working in the outdoors and with youth.

Our 60% instructor retention rate is in part due to our competitive salary, benefits, and opportunities to work our summer, Leadership Adventure Semesters, and spring/fall educational programs. See our qualifications and application page to learn more and send your resume to to apply.

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