Summer Internship Funding Still Available!

The Summer Internship Funding Awards Program is designed with the intention to increase the ability of Colorado College students to participate in internship opportunities, many of which remain unpaid or underpaid.

Eligible internships must be a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks and 240 hours. The internship must be away from the CC campus, and all travel for internships outside of the U.S. must be approved. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to be eligible. The internship does not need to be confirmed or accepted at the time of application.

All Colorado College students who are fully enrolled in spring 2021 courses and/or were fully enrolled in fall 2020 courses, and will be fully enrolled in courses for the fall 2021 semester, are eligible to apply for 2021 summer internship funding. If you are a junior, or first semester senior, who does not meet these eligibility requirements, we are happy to discuss extenuating circumstances and assess applications with some special considerations. Please reach out to the Career Center with questions, or complete an application with very clear information so your situation can be assessed. Each Colorado College student is eligible to receive one award during their four undergraduate years.

LEARN MORE on the funding website.

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