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Sungrade Solar is a part of the new class of Social Benefit Corporations (B-Corp). Sungrade honors a “triple bottom line,” focusing on people, planet, and profit. Sungrade focuses on residential solar installation, direct sales, logistics, and software development. Our goal is to create the most fulfilling and satisfying work culture by focusing on improving all of our employees skills and lives to reach to their full potential and value! Sungrade makes efficient and cleaner energy available to homeowners, business organizations, and non-profits at a lower cost than they pay for electricity generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

  • Determine suitability of sites using proprietary tools and satellite tech
  • Hone your personal voice to reach people in a collaborative, effective way
  • Guide quality prospects through the solar installation process
  • Deal confidently with all inquiries
  • Build value in our company
  • Educate homeowners about the booming renewable energy industry



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