What Is A Behavioral Interview?

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2018


You landed an interview! Congrats! Just as you’re about to do your touchdown dance, your interviewer says that will be a Behavioral Interview. But wait — what does that mean? Do you have to do something special for it? Our experts are here to answer.


What is it?  A Behavioral Interview is really just a normal interview, but the focus is on your past behaviors. Your potential employer wants to understand how you will act in the job, and past behavior points towards future behavior more clearly than a hypothetical situation.


Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar, Inc., explains that “you should be prepared for reflective questions such as these: ‘Tell me about a time when…,’ or, ‘Can you please provide an example of when you had to…,’”1 and so forth. Essentially, employers want to see how you react to success, difficulty, and team collaboration.


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