Colorado College Investment Club

The Colorado College Investment Club is a student run organization that focuses on the development of real-world finance skills and understanding. No level of experience is needed; all students are welcome to join.

The club hosts events related to real market happenings, in addition to helpful meetings for those interested in a career in finance. You can view upcoming happenings on our events page.

The club is comprised of four portfolios, each with a different specialization. The meeting time for each group can be found on the schedule page.

Joining the club is an excellent way to get involved in the CC community. CCIC is also a great item to add a resume, whether a person plans to go into business or not. Being a member of a finance based club conveys to employers that the applicant is hardworking, responsible, and committed. The club is also a great place to build connections with other students; relationships that will be important in college and in the professional world.