Social Impact Portfolio


While there are many types of investments in the world of finance, many are institutional. People purchase shares of a company that they think will return profit without thinking of the potential big picture effects. Institutional investments are only made to generate financial return, while socially-responsible investments are made to generate financial return as well as a positive social impact. Impact investments are intentional and contribute to social and environmental solutions. This form of investment can be used in emerging or pre-developed markets, and it is a growing tactic in providing capital to the challenges our modern world faces. There are no specific industries for impact investing, but many can be related to real estate, healthcare, education, renewable energy, agriculture, microfinance, and conservation. Social impact stocks generally produce strong returns because they provide benefits for the world. As long as there is a positive social intention behind the investment, it can be classified as impact investing. 

Mission Statement

The Social Impact Portfolio of Colorado College is committed to a diverse environment where all students are encouraged to contribute and shape the positive atmosphere. 

In a world of problems, there is fear of looming consequences for our way of life. Our generation has an opportunity to change that. With an emphasis on social responsibility, there will be opportunities to make a beneficial change to our world in this portfolio. Our goal is to explore and learn the basics of investing while focusing on the social intentions behind them. Our portfolio will use our resources to inspire and implement change. 

We will learn about numerical ratios used to analyze a company’s financial performance, look at financial statements of different companies, learn different valuation methods, and other general techniques used to generate return in the market, while pertaining to the mindset of social impact investments. To accomplish this, we must thoroughly research a company’s profile to analyze the social impacts that the company provides. We will constantly make market transactions after meaningful discussion in our portfolio meetings. Some students will be tasked with different projects such as pitching a stock to the portfolio or writing a blog post for the CCIC website. Additionally, speakers will be brought in from various backgrounds to provide insight and experience for all members of the club.