Beginner’s Portfolio


The Beginner Portfolio is a student run investment fund that builds a strong foundation in investing for students with little to no prior experience. The fund maintains an open membership policy that encourages all Colorado College students to participate, and gain hands-on investing experience. Members attend educational lectures, conduct investment research, and pitch investment theses they formulate. The fund focuses on fundamental strategies driven by deep and thorough research, but will at times leverage quantitative approaches to aid our analysis. The Beginner Portfolio explores different career paths in finance by frequently inviting alumni to speak about their experience in investment banking, hedge funds, public policy, financial management, venture capital or private equity.

Mission Statement

The Beginner Portfolio is committed to educating members on the fundamentals of investing regardless of their background. The Beginner Portfolio’s goal is to educate new investors on analyzing financial statements, understanding what makes stocks rise and fall, the elements of what goes into a clear and coherent stock pitch, along with teaching investors about a fundamental analysis. Students are encouraged to ask questions and engage in thoughtful discussion. Club members meet on a regular basis to discuss asset allocation, analyze fund performance and decide how to successfully manage a well-diversified portfolio. Weekly workshops and sector-specific training for new members allows students to hone their valuation skills, while stock pitches provide a space for those practical skills to be tested. In a post-financial crisis world, the resources and guidance Colorado College Investment Club provides to its members has never been more important. The Beginner Portfolio aims to continue their prudent management and foster a dedicated membership in the years to come.

Portfolio Managers

Ben Post

Ben Post is a freshman from Anchorage, Alaska. As a Portfolio Manager, he looks forward to mentoring new analysts and coaching them through investment strategies and industry best practices. Alongside his passion for investing, he enjoys backcountry skiing, whitewater kayaking, and playing poker.