The Fighting Class

On Monday, September 16, 2012, the History of Performance class had another workshop. This workshop gave the class a chance to experience pretend fighting.

When we arrived at Cossitt Gym, located in Cossitt Hall, our instructor had us do warm- up movements; we did normal exercise.

After the warm-up, we were instructed to form groups of two. At this point, we were shown movements to copy: stand in front of each other, place our wrist together, move our arms in a circle while gently pushing them towards the opposite person.

The instructor told us to change partners. Once we were done, we had to copy his movements on how to push someone away: the pusher grabs the person and pulls back gently and then push them, but the person being thrown has to force his/herself back in order to make it look real. Now this sound easy but it’s not. The timing has to be just right.

Our next instructions were to pretend to slap and punch. Now,in order to do this we needed to feel comfortable with our partners. We were ready to proceed. We had to: grab our partner’s shoulder and pretend to slap them by hitting his/her hand while they act hurt by grabbing the hurt area. Then, the the hurt person acts as if he/she is slapping the hitter back, but the hitter ducks and punches the hurt person.

The fight class was a wonderful experience and everyone enjoyed it. Now, we wish to do it again.