Night Journey

Dances, plays, musicals, books, etc all have one thing in common: usage of historical background. For example, Night Journey by Martha Graham is viewed by the History of Performance class to be full of historical background. The performance is based off of the greek tale Oedipus. In this tale, Jocasta, the main character of Night […]

The Fighting Class

On Monday, September 16, 2012, the History of Performance class had another workshop. This workshop gave the class a chance to experience pretend fighting. When we arrived at Cossitt Gym, located in Cossitt Hall, our instructor had us do warm- up movements; we did normal exercise. After the warm-up, we were instructed to form groups […]

The Dance Class

Last week on Thursday, September 13, 2012, the History of Performance class went to Cossitt Hall for a dance workshop. This experience was quite surprising. Once we arrived at the class, we were given a mini lecture on ballet by the dance instructor. She informs us that ballet consists of strict rules. Later, we did […]