Class Length

Another huge concern I had coming in to my class was the length of time I would spend in class each day. In high school, I had never had a three hour class, and I was worried that the professor would not be able to fill that time and keep our interests. As it turns […]

HY 104- Homework Load

As an incoming freshman, I was very worried at the start of the year that I would not be able to keep up academically in college. Colorado College has such an amazing academic reputation, and I was wrought with fear that it would be too much to handle. Coming from a large public high school, […]

So Far in Week Two- HY104

Hey, everyone! Nila here. This week has been Greek mania in HY104! The main focus of the first part of the second week of class has been ancient Greek culture, history, and society. (hint- look at the title of the course) Again, I’ll give you a small sample of the activities we’ve done in class […]

Chromatography and the NMR

Students started week two of organic chemistry with their first major test.  They didn’t get much rest time after though, as they jumped right back into lab the next day.  This week students will be leaning how to use NMR spectroscopy as another tool for identifying organic compounds.  NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) treats the nucleus […]

Week One- FYE HY104

Hi everyone! My name is Nila, and I am a member of the Colorado College Class of 2017! I am so excited to be writing this blog for you and letting you know all about my HY 104 History of the Mediterranean course for Blocks 1&2. This week, we have started to study how to […]

Week One

Welcome to Chemistry 250: Structures of Organic Molecules! We have hit the ground running full speed ahead in Orgo 1. Already students have dived into the first three (yes 3 !) chapters of their text books.  They are learning how to draw organic molecules and identify different functional groups. Functional groups are characteristic groups of […]