Etymological Origins

Today a fellow student ended their Skype conversation with their boyfriend by saying, “Alright, I’m gonna hang up now.” I was struck by the phrase, which is already an anachronism in regards to most modes of digital communication. We’ve moved beyond hanging phones up when we’re done with them. At the time I joked that […]


It isn’t difficult to wax poetic about England. In fact, it’s disturbingly easy. Everywhere you turn, England presents you with a monolith of feeling and thought. We aren’t here for very long, but everyday has been crammed with important sites one after the other. It’s overwhelming, to tell you the truth. I’ve been joking with […]

Finishing the First Year

This past year was my first year of college.  I did not have a typical first year of college.  This is the last class I need to become a sophomore. I began my career at CC last summer during C block, before I had any sort of orientation for college.  I got off to a […]

When in London:

Always wash your feet upon returning home. Look up. Have class in a rose garden at Hampton Court. Have class beneath The Globe. Eat chocolate beetroot cake and twirl. Race through the glorious Regent’s Park to make it to a massively bizarre performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Open Air Theatre. Under the […]

Shakespeare’s Wife

Sometimes traveling I feel like life transcends reality. Today was one of those days as we made what our professor termed an “enforced march” out of town. In reality, it was a beautiful twenty-minute stroll through lovely fields. At this point, many members of our class, including myself, were unsure of our final destination. We […]


Today was another free day! We decided to see as much of London as possible. We left the hostel bright and early and walked to the National Portrait Gallery. Once we were “all-portraited-out,” we decided to walk to Buckingham Palace. After consulting the map, we discovered that walking along The Mall seemed like the easiest […]

Eating Grapes with Chopsticks

We all know that the only food London is really famous for is its fish and chips.  Having recently found out that I am lactose and gluten intolerant, I wasn’t sure how easy eating in London was going to be.  Here’s what I’ve found: Eating out is actually fairly easy.  Besides its fish and chips, […]

The Other Side

I saw my first homeless person in London today. It broke my heart, more so than back at home. I think it’s because he was sitting in a tube station and hundreds of people were rushing past him, in their fancy suits on their fancy phones, talking in their fancy accents. He had his head […]

Invisible Art

Yesterday afternoon, before seeing King Henry V at the Globe Theater, another student and I went to the Hayward Gallery to see their Invisible art exhibit. It was an incredibly interesting experience! The various works of art on display were all very different interpretations of the idea of art as invisible. One display was a […]