Writing Britain

I just returned from the British Library’s “Writing Britain” exhibition. The exhibition is a celebration of the country’s literary achievements stretching back nearly a thousand years, and includes books like the oldest surviving edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The exhibition is broken down into sections based on literary themes, such as the […]

London Calling

Going to London. It feels big. Like it should be in capital letters. I AM GOING TO LONDON. Maybe an explicative should be thrown in there for effect. You think people are going to be different, everything is going to be different. The minute you cross the ocean and hit land the air itself will […]


  There is a mountain next to our hotel.  It is called Meganom.  It has stood there, towering over us as we went about our lessons, watching over us as we made our daily trips to the beach (to do our homework, naturally).  Being CC students, there’s no way we could have let Meganom go […]

GS 554 — Classrooms in Motion: Digital Youth

Our discussion of S. Craig Watkins’s The Young & The Digital: What the Migration to Social-Network Sites, Games, and Anytime, Anywhere Media Means for Our Future spawned a number of thematic elements and questions for further discussion. Themes: The difference between technology as a pedagogical tool or an impressive classroom gimmick. Fear of teachers being […]

The End

Class is over, Robbie and Henrik have left, and I’m stuck in that odd limbo between finishing everything that I had to do and departing tomorrow. It’s been a good time for introspection, reminiscence and gathering my thoughts on the block and the semester. I’ve learned and grown so much, studying abroad. This class was […]

Sibling Birth Order

The other day in class we talked about sibling birth order. Alfred Adler was the first one to propose that our personality is at least partly determined by the order in which we are born. These are some of the possible qualities he associated with each birth order: 1. Oldest child: nurturing and protective of […]

Not so different after all

On Friday after a shortened class of Videogames: culture and aesthetics, I stuck around Cornerstone 301 with a couple people from my class. From 10:30 to noon I had one of the most productive conversations about videogames of the block thus far.  The discussion challenged my former assumptions of medium, especially the culture that surrounds […]