Crazy Adventures (And We Aren’t Even Abroad Yet): Part Two

Hey again! We presented our second round of group performances today. The assignment this time was to do a site-specific performance with a strong intention, one that would “intervene with social order, perhaps even political space.” My group realized that two of our members, Anya and I, both had experience figure skating. We designed a […]

Highlights of the Oxmas Season

Apologies for being out of touch, friends. Things have been busy as the term came to an end. Now Oxford is filled with young interviewees seeking admission to the University, and I am leaving to explore France and other parts of the UK. As a side note, admission to Oxford basically comes down to two […]

Brooms Up

“Brooms up!” says the referee, and we all sprint for the center of the field. It’s a race for the four balls, chasers running for the Quaffle (an under inflated volleyball) and Beaters for the three bludgers (dodgeballs). There’s mud in my face so I can’t really see, but I charge ahead enthusiastically and slam […]