Consider how you want to approach your block. The six images you choose for your block might each represent a different aspect of yourself, or they could show six sides of your life. They might each represent an aspect of life during the pandemic. Or you might simply choose six images that resonate with each other in terms of color or shapes. Perhaps you’ll cut out many images and see which of them yearn to be together!

You also can draw directly on the cutout block if you choose. This direct method is great if you don’t have magazines and glue on hand.

If you want to use cutout images, these instructions will guide you:

  1. Download and print the blank cube template. (You also can trace around them onto another piece of paper, then cut those out to make many blocks. Heavy paper or cardstock is ideal, although regular printer paper also works.)
  2. Use the individual square (Figure 1) as a pattern for cutting out your images.
  3. Gather up some magazines, flyers, old books — any materials that have arresting images or text. Find a glue stick, liquid glue, or double-sided tape for adhering.
  4. Use the square template you cut out to trace around an image you’d like to use (Figure 2).
  5. Cut around your image and trim it to fit inside the square (Figures 3 and 4).
  6. Cut out five more images (Figure 5).
  7. Arrange the images however it pleases you and glue them onto the block template (Figure 6).
  8. Using glue on the TOP of the tabs to secure the sides (Figure 7), fold the pieces to form a finished block (Figure 8).
  9. Admire what you’ve made! Tell someone else about the process of making it and/or what significance the block has for you.

If you’ve enjoyed this process, you might have fun making wooden blocks. You can order unfinished wooden blocks (1½ or 2 inches square) online.