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Posts from the December 2015 issue

Five New Faces of Innovation

When Eboni Statham ’17 was looking at schools, she knew she wanted to be part of a college radio station, so CC’s student station “Sounds of CC” attracted her right away. Once she was a student, she was drawn into CC’s vibrant scene of student bands and music shows. She became a DJ at the…

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Student Perspective

From left: Deaira Hermani ’17, Chloe Sharples ’16, Hannah Jean Shaper ’16, Emma Whitehead ’16, and Annika Kastetter ’17 of the women’s comedy troupe Eggs Ovariesy perform at the Taylor Theater during Family Weekend.

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Taking Research to New Heights

Aerial imaging using drones is being used in surprising ways to further science and education at CC.

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Meet the New Faculty Members

Colorado College welcomed 13 new tenure-track faculty members at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year. Anthony Bull Associate Professor of Human Biology and Kinesiology Bull examines the effects of physical activity and energy balance on health and performance in humans.   Lynne Gratz Assistant Professor of the Environmental Program Gratz’s research focuses on the…

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