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Posts from the November 2013 issue

Jeri Hibbard ’04

Jeri Hibbard ’04 always knew she would be a perfect fit for Colorado College. She just didn’t get around to pursuing a degree there until she was in her 50s. Along the way, she spent her life doing what she does best: being creative. She and her husband Ralph raised four children, and as she…

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Diane Brown Benninghoff ’68

She was a “weather girl” on TV in the 1970s, at a time when “girls” didn’t give the weather. She was director for, then briefly “Miss Diane” on TVs “Romper Room,” an early educational show for children. She was executive director of the Colorado Opera Festival and brought grand opera productions to Colorado Springs. She…

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Bernie Horowitz ’10

During the three years since Bernie Horowitz ’10 graduated from Colorado College, he has certainly been busy. Horowitz, alongside two esteemed co-editors, recently produced “Patriots Debate: Contemporary Issues in National Security Law,” a book of oppositional essays sponsored by the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security that addresses what the editors…

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