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Posts from the Spring 2020 issue

Teaching Our Values

Sustainability in the Classroom At Colorado College, sustainability is a core value that is evident in classrooms across campus and in field study locations near and far. According to CC’s Office of Sustainability, most CC students are involved in sustainability classes or activities. In addition to its renowned Environmental Studies Program, 23 other academic departments…

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Goal Achieved

Colorado College has achieved carbon neutrality, a goal it set in 2009 when it committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. CC is only the eighth institution of higher education in North America, and the first in the Rocky Mountain region, to achieve this goal.

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Juggling ‘Flat Hats’ and More

The Bulletin spoke with alumni whose careers help steward and sustain our national park system: Ann Deines Honious ’87, Eric Bilderback ’99, Gordy Kito ’92, and Pete Devine ’81.

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Creating Your Own Luck

Finance Symposium Reveals Power of a CC Network Colorado College’s Career Center hosted a daylong Finance Symposium last semester, where CC alumni and students gathered for panel discussions covering topics ranging from an overview of the finance industry to networking and interviewing to finance and sustainability. Onyx Bengston ’18 traveled to CC from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,…

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Carbon Neutrality Q&A

How does the Rocky Mountain weather make moving toward carbon neutrality easier or harder? “Well, our sunshine affects it in a positive way. Solar is pretty financially viable in most places in the world anymore, but in a place like Colorado where we’ve got on average 300 days of sun, it’s especially good. However, it’s…

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Creating Synergy on Campus

Tucked between the sorority houses and North Weber Street on the east side of campus, are two houses that are home to Colorado College’s Synergy Program, a living community for students who want to work toward environmental sustainability, create a sense of community for both Synergy residents and the greater CC student body, and live independently and responsibly.

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