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Posts from the Summer 2020 issue

Untold Stories

The Untold Stories feature series was initiated in 2018 at the suggestion of Acting Co-President Mike Edmonds, who noted that institutions can only grow in inclusion and diversity if they acknowledge the hard truths of racism and discrimination in their past and present. “We need to know the stories of people who came, suffered, and…

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Pamela Shipp

Class of 1969   Dr. Pamela Shipp ’69 grew up around activists. Her large family, with her politically engaged mother and more radical father, shaped her early years in East St. Louis, Illinois, and Denver, where she sought explorations of her own identity and place in the world from an early age. These explorations and…

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Prioritizing Mental Health

Alumnae Address Some Strategies for Coping in 2020 and Beyond Recognizing that this year has been extra challenging for many, we reached out to three Colorado College alumnae who are all professionals in different areas of the mental health space and asked for a few tips from each of their areas of expertise. Brittany Linton…

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Alumnus Releases Acclaimed Film on Race

Award-winning filmmaker Menelek Lumumba ’02 double-majored in English and Film and Media Studies at Colorado College and studied cinema at Howard University. His years steeped in the universes of two private colleges provided the perfect fodder for Lumumba’s film, “1 Angry Black Man,” which has been engaging audiences with its thought-provoking narrative since its release June 5. A favorite of film…

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Two Doctors in the House

Alumni Siblings Get Up Close With COVID-19 When I ask Margaret Liu ’77 if she’d be open to a COVID-related interview, she says I should be speaking with her alumnus brother, the surgeon, “who’s been on the frontline of actually caring for patients.” When I ask Paul Liu ’81 for an interview, he tells me…

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