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Because of CC

Megan Koch ’22 running

In her senior year, pre-med student and collegiate runner Megan Koch ’22 advocated for 250,000 of her fellow collegiate student-athletes.

Issue: Winter 2023 • Tags:

Tuning In: CC Music Scene Inspires Alum to Create Label

Beyond the classroom, Jason Edelstein ’18 enjoyed a life filled with music: Making it (he had a band), listening to it (he’d attend live performances), and falling in love with it.

Issue: Summer 2022 • Tags:

Because of CC… Ellen Weir Casey ’71, MAT ’77

Ellen Weir Casey

Ellen Weir Casey ’71, MAT ’77 reflects on her odyssey through infertility, the earliest days of in vitro fertilization, and giving birth to her daughter, Colorado’s first “test-tube baby.”

Issue: Spring 2022 • Tags: ,

Because of CC: Jeremy Zucker ’18

From pre-med major to songwriter, producer, artist, and singer embarking on a world tour in March 2022.

Issue: Winter 2021/22 • Tags: