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A Little Bit of Good: The CC Community in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has been easy for no one. I could tell you my sob story, about how my semester abroad was cut short and how my place of residence has changed six times in the last six months. I could tell the stories of people who were affected much more significantly by the pandemic, stories from…

Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

Expanding the Reading Spectrum

I’ve spent my life on a journey of reading: from a child who learned to read early and loved being immersed in a book to a mother who watched her own children struggle with learning to read to a professional instructing teachers of reading — I’ve experienced the reading spectrum. Reading is an invaluable skill…

Issue: Spring 2020 • Tags:

Cannabis and the Latinx Community: More of the Same?

As an anthropologist, my research focuses on the everyday lives of individuals and communities as they engage in the consumption of psychoactive substances and the accompanying policies and practices that attempt to control, regulate, and police access to these substances. I rely on a multidimensional analysis of the legal and social life of marijuana as…

Issue: Winter 2019 • Tags:

My Mockingbird

Fifteen minutes to places. My ritual of oatmeal and peanut butter in place. While the excitement of 1,400 eager souls vibrates just feet from where I sit, my heart flutters like the rise of a roller coaster moments before the drop. The moment you realize there is no turning back. No matter how you feel…

Issue: Summer 2019 • Tags:

Working Together

Because oppression is divisive, it often leads those with marginalized social identities to believe that they only have other individuals that share their specific social identities to depend on. It can, then, be a challenge for them to engage in building community across intersectional identities. Individualism, a tenet of white supremacy, also feeds into the…

Issue: Spring 2019 • Tags:

Toward an Anti-Racist Agenda

The founding and history of the United States of America is rooted in genocide, colonialism, and enslavement. This fact foregrounds the history of higher education and informs the model of learning and inclusion/exclusion that cast colleges and universities, especially elite ones. These realities are difficult to acknowledge and wrestle with, if we are to confront…

Issue: Summer 2018 • Tags:


It is the Indigenous peoples of what is now known as Colorado who deserve honor for the life we enjoy today. The first time I walked on the campus at Colorado College, I was overtaken by its beauty. CC’s campus boasts diverse greenery, exquisite architecture, and a perfect view of Pikes Peak in the distance.…

Issue: Spring 2018 • Tags:

The Real-Life Impact of a CC Block

Group projects are not uncommon for classes at Colorado College. While learning to take ownership in a shared goal, collaborate, and communicate are translatable skills from group projects to the real world, much of the time it is hard to feel entirely invested in a project that does not go beyond the block. At least…

Issue: Winter 2017 • Tags:

From CC to … CC

In the spring of 2004, Natalie Gosnell chose Colorado College for her undergraduate education. This past spring, she chose CC again, but this time as a faculty member.

Issue: Summer 2017 • Tags:

Enabling Challenging Discourse: Being an Editor at Cipher Magazine

The Cipher magazine has been a huge part of my life ever since my sophomore year at Colorado College. As a creative writing major, I knew as a freshman that I wanted to get involved in some kind of campus publication. At Cipher, there is a tremendous amount of flexibility — articles range from covering…

Issue: Spring 2017 • Tags: