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Peak Profile: Fantu Cheru ’75

“I love this work, the work I do, because it is so messy.” Fantu Cheru ’75 says it with a smile, and then gets into the meat of his speech. And before long, you get a sense of the mess. The venue is a 2013 North-South Institute forum, and in 19 minutes captured on YouTube,…

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Peak Profile: Sharon L. Smith ’67

When young women graduating from CC go on to graduate studies or careers in the sciences, they owe a great debt to the women who have blazed a trail to the laboratories, to the oceans, and to space. Sharon L. Smith ’67 is among those pioneers. She became fascinated by ocean ecosystems when she was…

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Peak Profile: Peter Frykholm ’92

Not just any boys’ high school soccer team practices on an artificial turf field at 10,000’ elevation, but if you play for Peter Frykholm ’92 in Leadville, Colorado, you do. Under Frykholm’s leadership, a landmark five-year community project transformed an abandoned zinc smelter into a modern athletic facility. Frykholm devoted countless volunteer hours to everything…

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Jena Hausmann ’93

Jena Hausmann ’93, knew one thing for sure when she graduated from high school: Whatever she did with her life, it had to matter. That mantra eventually propelled her through two decades in healthcare administration and in May 2015, to a top job as president and CEO of Children’s Hospital Colorado, ranked the fifth best…

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Caleb Spear ’05

Caleb Spear ’05 is on a mission to help people turn bicycles into opportunities that build pathways out of poverty. Portal Bikes, a U.S. registered nonprofit based in Kathmandu, Nepal, is his creation. The organization designs and builds bicycles to haul cargo that are used by local Nepali entrepreneurs to increase business capacity. Using a…

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Jennifer Zimdahl Galt

Mongolia is more than 6,000 miles away from Colorado, but Jennifer Zimdahl Galt already feels at home. In May 2015, President Barack Obama nominated her as ambassador to Mongolia and, a few months later, the U.S. Senate confirmed her. In late September, the longtime Foreign Service officer and her family headed to the country wedged…

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