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Degreed, but Not Gone : Recent alumni step into paraprofessional roles

While many students dream of the day they no longer have to be in school, there are, of course,  consequences of graduation. Without the protection of the “college student” label, there is a societal expectation to have the rest of life planned out, whether it be graduate school, a job, a gap year, or some…

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The Road to Writing Is Not Always Paved

Plenty of writers have come out of CC, but not all of them have meant to become authors. For these three award-winning and best-selling alumni authors, writing led them each down a unique path of rich and rewarding lives whether they sought it out or not. Colorado College has many alumni, staff, and faculty authors,…

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Olympic Dreams
: Past, Present, and Future

Located just a mile from the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters, Colorado College has numerous connections to the USOC and Olympic Games. CC alumni have represented our country in competitions, worked for the USOC as employees or interns, and cheered athletes on at events throughout the world. Standing out in South Korea More than a dozen…

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Gateway to an Education and an Adventure — Alana Aamodt ’18

A physics major and studio art minor at Colorado College, Alana Aamodt is from Minnesota. She came to CC for a good education and for an exciting adventure. She’s found both. In her first physics class, she and her classmates played hockey every Thursday, something she describes as “one of those things you can only…

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Committing to Socioeconomic Diversity — Kyle Samuel ’92

When Kyle Samuel was considering colleges, his list included Colorado College, the University of Texas, the University of Colorado, and Dartmouth College. He chose CC in part because the T. Roosevelt Collins Memorial Scholarship helped to ease the burden of the cost of college for his family. Although he still had to work throughout his…

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Keep On Going On — Ed Benton ’50

In 1946, attending college was not in Ed Benton’s sights. “At 17 months I became an orphan, and I was handed over to my father’s mother. She was 55 years of age, in poor health, illiterate, and she had no money,” says Benton. “When rent went up from $5 per month to $8 per month,…

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A Lifelong Visionary

Peak Profile: Ed Robson ’54 Ed Robson’s scholarship was in jeopardy when he was cut from the Colorado College hockey team by Coach Cheddy Thompson during his sophomore year (freshmen weren’t eligible). Recognizing an opportunity to reclaim his spot, he joined CC alumni in a game against the varsity team, scoring a tying goal that…

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Lens Craft: Adriane Ohanesian ’08 Captures Conflict Around the World

Award-winning documentary photographer Adriane Ohanesian ’08 has captured conflict with her camera in places like South Sudan and Myanmar.

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Comeback Artisans

Read the stories of a few Colorado College graduate artisans who create in ways our ancestors would have recognized.

Issue: Winter 2016 • Tags:

Peak Profile: Harlene Hayne ’83, P’17

When Harlene Hayne ’83, P’17 became the vice chancellor at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, in 2011, she didn’t think it should be a big deal that she was the first female to hold the position. “But then,” she says, “I realized that this university was already a trailblazer with respect to…

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