11/28: Girls Who Invest Q&A Session

Girls Who Invest, a non-profit specifically geared toward placing more women in the pipeline, is seeking bright and talented diverse sophomore women from all majors for its 2018 summer intensive program. (You can find out more from our blog post on the program.)

Have questions about your application? CC alumna Abigail Sawabini is here to help!

Abigail will be available at the Career Center to answer questions you might have about the Girls Who Invest Program, her experience, application advice, and how she has transitioned to her new job at Cambridge and Associates.

When? Tuesday, November 28, 4:30 – 5:30pm
Where? The Career Center
RSVP? To the Career Center!

For more information on the Girls Who Invest Program, visit the Girls Who Invest website. Remember, applications are due December 1st, 2017!

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