POSTPONED – Asking the Questions That Matter – from the Interview to the Job

Stay tuned for a new date in Block 5!!

Juniors and Seniors: 

What type of company do you want to work for?
What about the work environment is important to you? 
More importantly, how do you really find out if this company offers what you are hoping for?

Friday, Dec. 8th, 12:15 — CANCELLED
Career Center

Gain an understanding of how to engage with employers from job fairs to networking to formal interviews in a way that truly answers your questions about the FIT of an organization with your own values, interests, and realities. Learning early on if a company is right for you is crucial to finding meaning in your own employment prospects.

Kathy Lofgren, Owner, and Erin Conner, Corporate Image Developer, of Rocky Mountain Air Solutions, will lead a discussion as well as provide tips for engaging with an employer in a way to learn as much as possible early on in your search.

Please RSVP in order to reserve your seat and lunch!

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