3 Secrets of Great Interview Communication

by RocketBlocks | September 21, 2017
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In this post, we share three interview communication tips from Genelle Kahan, a former Bain & Co. Manager who spent nine years at Bain in their San Francisco and Boston offices. During her tenure as a management consultant, Kahan headed up the East Coast undergrad recruiting efforts, conducted over three case hundred interviews and was a key member of Bain’s retail practice.

According to Kahan, because consulting is often extremely quantitative and analytical in nature, candidates mistakenly ignore the importance of communication skills. Don’t fall into the same trap! At the end of the day, it’s critical that every single team member, from partners all the way down to the junior rungs of associates, can communicate his/her work effectively to the rest of the team and the clients. While every interviewer varies a little in the key things they look for, Kahan says that everyone always asks themselves: “Would we be comfortable putting this candidate in front of a client?”

How do you ensure you end up on the favorable side of that question? Kahan shares three tips that are solid reminders for any interview: be concise, structure your thoughts and demonstrate that you are “client ready.”

READ ON …Let’s jump in and walk through each of them.

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