3 Traits You Need to Survive the Job Search

by Natalie Fisher | April 01, 2019
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It’s an understatement to say that the job search process is competitive and grueling. You’ll be measured against many other candidates with the same degrees, the same types of jobs and internships, and the same type of skills. You’ll also likely have to deal with a fair amount of rejection. So how can you stand out from the competition and keep going when the going gets tough? [LEARN MORE about] three traits that will help you not only survive the job search but also find the right opportunity for you…

…Remember, during the competitive job search process, you’re going to have to find creative ways to grab hiring managers’ attention. So be open to the possibility that a few traits, such as those above, will be the ones to set you apart from the competition. Don’t give up, always be positive, and trust in your future success.

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