5 Steps to a Successful (And Not So Awkward) Informational Interview

Published August 11, 2017
By Michelle A. Riklan, Career Marketing Strategist ✯ Outplacement ✯ Executive Resume Writer
Riklan Resources, LLC
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Many applicants experience only the interviewee side of the job application process. They apply for a job, come to the interview, and answer some questions about their work and qualifications. They don’t experience what it’s like to be the one asking questions.

If you haven’t interviewed anyone before, an informational interview can quickly go awkward. Still, information is power, so gritting your teeth and going to an informational interview will help you learn about the job or company you’re targeting, in a way no online research or job fair can teach you.

Once you convince someone to grant you an informational interview, the next step is to prepare for the meeting. Don’t pressure yourself, just follow these tips to make the most out of the meeting.

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