5 Ways to Identify a Company’s Social Responsibility

by Richard Conn | December 15, 2020
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Identifying a company’s social responsibility can be a difficult endeavor. Of course, you want to work for a sustainable and profitable company that contributes positively to society and the surrounding environment. But, this can be difficult to find. To that end, we’ve collected our top five things to look for to help you to spot a socially responsible company. 

1. Cause-Related Marketing

A good indicator of a socially responsible company is cause-related marketing. This technique is used by companies to raise awareness about a specific cause that they care about. Whether it’s a small business that provides free web conference software/phone conferencing or PayPal, they can work with a charity and associate the products of their business with the cause of the non-profit.

In some cases, companies engage in cause-related marketing by donating all or some of the profits of these products to the charity. Other forms of cause-related marketing that companies often use include becoming a non-profit sponsor, buying a product to give a product scheme, or working in unison to help increase exposure to the cause.


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