5 ways your student can grow professionally this Winter Break

No matter where in the world your student will be this winter, the four weeks of Winter Break represent an opportunity for students to grow their professional selves. Here are five ways your student can get ahead this Winter Break!

They can…

1. Take a Half Block class.
If your student is returning to campus in January, encourage them to sign up for a Half Block class. The Career Center’s 21 non-credit courses are designed to help students become more competitive and well-rounded candidates for jobs and internships – all without the pressure of grades. Students can sign up for courses until December 20, 2018.

2. Prepare applications for fellowships, job, and internship applications.
Winter Break represents an opportunity for students to relax and decompress after a hard semester. It also gives them the time and space needed to begin their search for a summer or post-graduate opportunity. Encourage your student to begin their search for opportunities, ask for recommendation letters, and polish their resumes and cover letters during this time. (Handshake is a great place to start their search for opportunities!)

3. Network with friends and family.
Friends and family members are an important part of a student’s network, and Winter Break is a great time for your student to connect with them. Encourage your student to share about their goals for their summer and life after CC – friends and family members may know of a job or internship connection for them.

4. Update their online presence.
The rumors are true: hiring managers do check applicants’ social media channels before hiring them. Students can use the peace and quiet of Winter Break to spend time polishing their online presence. This can entail everything from updating their LinkedIn profile with new positions and achievements, to checking that they have appropriate privacy settings on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, to creating an online portfolio showcasing their work, to highlighting their recent volunteer or internship experiences online.

5. Participate in Coffee Chats.
If your student will be on campus over Half Block, they should attend the Career Center Coffee Chats! Each afternoon of Half Block, the Career Center offers career-specific programming to supplement students’ Half Block classes. Topics this Half Block include:

  • Self-awareness, reflection, and exploration as part of your career growth
  • Discovering your career interests
  • Discovering your professional values
  • Discovering your greatest strengths
  • Searching for jobs and internships
  • Networking and using Tiger Link
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Thinking about grad school

Even if your student won’t be on campus, they can email the Career Center to find out more about a topic and receive the resources distributed in each program.

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