AmeriCorps – Rural Alliance for Dignity

The Rural Alliance for Dignity (RAD) is a program of La Puente, empowering isolated rural nonprofits in Southern Colorado to meet their mission. This is accomplished through a dual effort of AmeriCorps members providing boots-on-the-ground program implementation and a cohort of executive directors providing support to each other as they focus on capacity building goals for their nonprofits. The heart of RAD is a collaborative effort to address the problems of endemic poverty and geographic isolation that give way to the symptoms of economic insecurity, homelessness, hunger and malnutrition, negative health factors, low-quality education, minimal youth opportunity, and more, by strengthening locally developed solutions. Lacking organizational capacity and human capital to implement/maintain/strengthen and sustain their programs, many rural nonprofits struggle to keep their operations flowing which can impact effectiveness.

Find out more! Applications to start in the fall 2021 are due in August.

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