Amundsen Sports Job Opportunity

About the job (Amundsen College Club)

Amundsen North America is recruiting members to our “College Club” program. We have expanded throughout North America over the last 4 years and are now looking to build a stronger connection to college communities.

Amundsen is a Norwegian outdoor brand built on the legacy of Roald Amundsen. In 2010, Roalds descendant, Jørgen Amundsen established the brand together with his childhood friend Erik Friis. Since then, the brand have grown to become an unconventional actor in the outdoor industry. Offering a uniquely designed product collection with the highest quality and manufacturing, both stemming from Europe.

The internship will offer a unique insight into the Amundsen brand strategy and marketing efforts. Challenging the candidate to use hers/his creative skills to create awareness and hype around the brand in their local community. We want the candidate to have a positive social impact and motivate their friends to adopt the Amundsen lifestyle of “Play Well”.


Job specifics will be further developed together with the candidate to fit the social/community scene of their location.

We are excited to build our global ambassador program and looking forward to reading your applications. Candidates will join ASAP.

  • CV
  • Cover Letter (Max 250 words)
  • Photos/Videos

Amundsen Sports, Inc
2250 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302

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