Applications due 4/28 for START: Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team

Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team (START) is a new group on campus.

Colorado College students founded START to provide an alternative resource for students seeking Title IX–related support. Title IX issues include gender-based discrimination, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking. The goal of START is to assist all students at Colorado College; it is imperative, therefore, that START is as representative of the student body as possible.

START members are trained to provide resources and information for students regarding the Title IX process at CC. They also provide information about other resources available on and off campus related to Title IX issues. START is a student-run organization that functions under the supervision of the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator’s (SARC) Office and works with the college’s Title IX coordinators. *START members are not advocates, nor do they sit in on any of the Title IX official proceedings.

Applications must be submitted to by April 28th. Email for a complete application.

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