Block 7 GEM in STEM Meetings

GEM in STEM is having three events this block:

  • 2nd Tuesday April 5th, 12pm, at Creativity & Innovation Space: Innovations Workshop on Narratives in Science, lunch provided

                Together with Kris Stanec from Innovations we will explore identity and the multiplicity of narratives in the sciences.

                RSVP to for lunch.

  • 2nd Friday April 8th, 3pm, at Barnes 213: Crafternoon

                We provide collaging materials and snacks to make room for conversations with GEM STEM peers or to just wind down after a week.

  • 3rd Friday April 8th, 3pm, at VRC in Packard : Hard Skills Workshop – Sticker-Making

Have you ever wondered how to make your own stickers? Sofie Miller does. Come for a teach-in on how to craft them and walk out with your own stickers. The overall theme will be to make stickers raising awareness for minorities in sciences and spreading the word.

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