CC Mobile Arts is Hiring

CC Mobile Arts is a robust, new program that centers around a dynamic truck (built-out with performance, art, recording, etc. equipment and accompanying trailers) and seeks to provide diverse multi-disciplinary arts experiences at no cost to the public. Mobile Arts will increase Colorado Springs’ access to visual, audio, and performing arts with activities including dynamic pop-up dance classes and performances, site-specific short plays, film-screenings, mobile printing press, interactive galleries and a variety of arts workshops. The Mobile Arts truck will emphasize adaptability, collaboration and outreach, transgressing the boundaries of inaccessible or limited institutional spaces and virtual events. 

#4528050 Digital Media Assistant
The Digital Media Assistant will shoot, edit and prepare creative multimedia content for the Mobile Arts website and social media. This role will evolve alongside the Mobile Arts program, documenting and helping shape its development and early programming. 

#4528136 Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for assisting in developing, coordinating, and implementing CC Mobile Arts branding, social media and communication strategy. This role will include: assisting with branding and truck design, creating digital marketing material and press materials, and assisting with communications, website design and social media. This role will evolve alongside the CC Mobile Arts program, helping shape its branding, development and early programming. 

#4528215 Research and Programming Assistant
The Research and Programing Assistant provides data-informed support for program development and assists with event planning, helping to design and administer CC Mobile Arts programming. This role will identify programming goals and facilitate community and artist collaboration, serving as the student liaison and coordinator of CC Mobile Arts pilot programming.

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