CLIF Business with Purpose Scholarship due 1/25/19

Clif Bar is a different kind of company, so this is a different kind of scholarship – one that is designed to ease the financial burden of student debt and encourage tomorrow’s business leaders to prioritize purpose in their future careers. Scholarship rewards include:

  • 9-12 months to explore their purpose after graduation through an opportunity they select – an internship, a fellowship, a volunteer project, or even a gig at a mission-driven non-profit
  • Up to $37,172 to pay off undergraduate loans
  • A $3,000/month stipend for bills while completing their experience
  • Individual mentorship from Clif employees who will help students explore their purpose and guide them toward integrating purpose into their careers

With the Business with Purpose Scholarship, Clif Bar hopes to inspire future business leaders committed to the rewarding adventure of balancing profits and purpose. More details available at Facebook Post or  Applications for the scholarship are open now through January 25th, 2019.

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