Create Award, Art Gym in Denver

What is the Create Award?

The Create Award is a 6-month residency for recent graduates from creative disciplines (fine arts, digital art, performing arts, etc.). Selected candidates receive a 6-month membership at Art Gym Denver (a shared workspace for artists), and a final exhibition and/or performance in Art Gym’s professional gallery space.

Who It’s For

The Create Award is for recent graduates (within the past 2 years) from Art or Performing Arts programs. If you Graduated in Spring of 2016 or later, you’re eligible to apply in 2018.

The goal of this residency is to support recently graduated artists in continued creation through access to equipment, mentoring and exhibitions. The first years out of art school is critical to the development of professional artistic practices. Artists who launch immediately into their chosen field are more likely to achieve success. The Create Award can endeavor to facilitate this launch.

Check out SUCCESS Job ID:  23032 to learn more

Submission Deadline: June 17, 2018 – 5pm

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